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Masterbation Tips You Need To Know

Let’s get one thing out of the way first, no two people masterbate the same way every time. Everyone has different techniques to use, or different times of the day even. One thing is for certain though, the goal is always the same. Reaching orgasm is essential for enjoyable masterbation. If you are having problems reaching orgasm then you should follow these masterbation tips.

One masterbating tip you should follow always is to set the mood. In order to really enjoy the experience you should be totally relaxed and in an environment in which you won’t have any distractions. Take the phone off the hook, lock the doors, and play some soft music, anything that helps you to take your mind off of your problems and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Taking a little time off to pleasure yourself is not selfish, nor wrong. Select a room in which you can lie down, or sit comfortably, and let your inhibitions go. Usually people use a bathroom or bedroom, but any room that lets you be yourself will do. Another masterbating tip for both women and men is to take your time. Many people rush through the experience to reach the final result. That is not always the most pleasurable part of this experience. If you take the time to tease, and stimulate you will find your orgasm much more intense and enjoyable.

A masterbating tip for both men and women is to not be afraid to experiment with new techniques. Some may work for you while others may not. Try something new when given a chance so that you can find a way that makes it easier or more pleasing. Maybe you feel that it may work better with lubricant or toys. Then take the chance and try it, go right over to the sex store that you pass by and buy something to enhance your experience and your orgasm.

Try turning off the porn for a while – men, I’m talking to you. Listen to your body instead. A great tip on better masterbation is to experience the feelings. Many men are so intent on watching what is on TV that they are not using their mind, body, and emotions to really feel what is going on.

Last but not least, get your hips and your body moving. You aren’t being watched or evaluated so let your body go. Enjoy what is happening to your body. You may not know that your body moves very differently during masterbation than how it moves during sex. Men, who usually stay still, should try thrusting their hips to simulate sex.

Following these masterbation tips will allow creativity, pleasure, excitement and an all around better orgasm. Who would want that?